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To apply on a job advertised by Hira Corporation the candidate is required to contact Hira Corporation. The basic selection procedure by most of the employers remain the same and is explained as under:
  1. The computerized applications are available in Hira Corporation Offices in their respective category.
  2. The documents provided by the candidate along with printed copy of computerized resume are scrutinized /examined to verify that applicant meets the basic criteria laid down by the employer.
  3. Submission of Original Form is compulsory otherwise the application is rejected. The original Personal History Forms are retained /preserved at Hira Corporation’s Head office.
  4. All applications are organized in accordance with category job titles and sent to employer in original through reliable international courier services.
  5. The final scrutiny and short listing of applicants is done by the employer and Hira Corporation is provided the list of candidates selected for Interview (If required) or approved.
  6. After above process employer informs Hira Corporation about the dates of visit of interviewing team (If required) to Pakistan Hira Corporation sends the Interview Call Letter to short listed candidates.
  7. The city /station of interview is decided by the employer at his own convenience.
  8. After interview/test it employer’s decision to announce the selection immediately or after their return to home country.
  9. After final selection the candidate is required to undergo medical examination and other formalities like attestation of his documents from different departments.
  10. On completion of these formalities the documents of candidate are submitted to relevant embassy along with Passport for endorsement of Visa and upon visa endorsement the necessary travel arrangements like tickets, booking etc. are made.
  11. Hira Corporation Travels is responsible for making necessary arrangements like booking of seats and Flight Schedule etc.
  12. On completion of all above formalities the candidate is protected under Protector of Immigrants Ordinance by Hira Corporation on behalf of Government of Pakistan and the candidate is ready for departure to the Employers.