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We are licensed by the Federal Government of Pakistan to promote Overseas Employment. We are always interested to make new contacts and take every order as an opportunity to prove our professional style of work. Our Valid Operating License is, License # MPD/1061/RWP

Our group of overseas employment is comprised of experienced and professional members who are expert in the field of recruitment.

We supply manpower of almost all categories and cover all kinds of industries such as Construction Companies, Hospitals, Hotels, Factories, Oil& Gas Companies, Logistic Companies, Machinery Manufactures, Chemical products and Textiles etc.

General Recruitment Procedure

  • Upon receipt of duly accomplished Recruitment Demand Letter and Agreement from the client, we source the applicants through advertisements in newspapers of general circulation, online manpower pooling and referrals.

  • Screening of applicants includes validation of their credentials, series of interviews, trade tests if so needed, and background investigation.

  • We send the CV's of short listed applicants to our client and final interview shall be conducted the by latter.

  • Assistance in pre-employment medical check up with the government-accredited clinic for selected applicants.

  • Processing of the travel documents of the selected workers, pre-departure orientation, ticketing and airport assistance for workers' departure

We supply manpower in the following fields:

With its population of over 150 million, Pakistan is a country truly rich in manpower. The climate, the geographical conditions and the social and economical evolution of the past centuries has endorsed this part of the world with a strong, laborious, skillful, versatile and industrious manpower. Owing to their diligence and versatility, the work force of this country has become highly adaptable to varying work environments. The proof of the fact lies in the successful work performance of hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis engaged in all types of economic activity all over the world. No wonder, employers every where around the globe have come to prefer Pakistan's workforce for optimum results from there own human resource.

It is in this backdrop, Pakistan has emerged on the international horizon as a great manpower resource than can satisfactorily serve the world's need in this area. Today, there is an increasing demand for Pakistan's skilled, semi skilled and unskilled labor in various parts of the world, especially in the Middle East and the Gulf State.

We are supplying workers of all trades and fields. We are capable to provide following types of manpower:

Executive level:

  • Manager, Estate Manager.

  • Purchase Officer.

  • Sales Officer.

  • Administrative Officer.

  • Camp Boss.

  • Security Officer.

  • Supervising Officer.

  • Supervisor Workshop.

  • Chief Accountant.

    Office Staff:

  • Receptionist.

  • Stenographer.

  • Clerk.

  • Telex Operator.

  • Store Keeper.

  • Software Engineers

  • Computer Programmer.

  • Network Administrators/Technicians

  • Office Boy.

  • Time Keeper.

  • Security Guard.

    Unskilled Staff:

  • Gardner.

  • Agriculture Labor.

  • Cleaning Labor.

  • General Labor.

    Heavy Equipment Operator:

  • Bulldozer Operator.

  • Grader Operator.

  • Scrapers Operator.

  • Rippers Operator.

  • Excavators Operator.

  • Loaders Operator.

  • Shovel Operator.

  • Trailer Driver.

  • Tractor Driver.

  • Forklift Operator.

  • Drilling Machine operator.

  • Heavy Truck Driver.

  • Light Motor Vehicle Driver.

  • Crane Operator.

    Engineering Staff:

  • Aerospace Engineer.

  • Mechanical Engineer.

  • Chemical Engineer.

  • Metallurgical Engineer.

  • Industrial Engineer.

  • Production Engineer.

  • Quality Control Engineer.

  • Civil Engineer.

  • Electrical Engineer.

  • Elevator Engineer.

  • Biomedical Engineer.

  • Water Treatment Engineer.

  • Agricultural Engineer.

  • Electronics Engineer.

  • HVAC Engineer.

  • Foreman.

  • Drafts Man.


  • Electrical Technician.

  • Soil and Fertilizer Technician.

  • HVLV Electrical Technician.

  • HVAC Technician.

  • AC and Refrigerator Technician.

  • Elevator Technician.

  • Electronics Technician.

  • Mechanical Technician.

  • Boiler Technician.

  • Communication Technician.

  • Pump Technician.

  • Denter.

  • Diesel Mechanic.

  • Petrol Mechanic.

  • Hydraulic Mechanic.

  • Auto Car and Vehicle Technician.

  • Swimming Pool Technician.

  • Generator Mechanic.

  • Electrician.

  • Plumber, Mason.

  • Decorator.

  • Carpenter.

  • Aluminum Fabricator.

  • Steel Fabricator.

  • Painter.

  • Blacksmith.

  • Welder.

  • General Welders

    Medical & Hospital:

  • General surgeon (surgical Specialist).

  • Orthopedic surgeon (bone Specialist).

  • Ear Nose and Throat specialist

  • Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist).

  • Pediatricians (Child Specialist).

  • Dermatologist (Skin disease Specialist).

  • Radiologist (For X-Rays).

  • Pathologist (For Laboratory Tests).

  • Physician (General Practitioner).

  • Matron (Senior Nurse).

  • Nurses.

  • Laboratory Technicians.

  • X-Ray Technicians.

  • Dietician.

  • Ward Boys.

  • Ambulance Driver.